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Increase in sophistication and frequency of cybercrimes, led by areas of growing vulnerability, including cloud based systems, disruptive technologies, such as IoT and edge computing, as well as complex software supply chain along with stringent data protection regulations has made cybersecurity one of the fastest growing areas of IT investment. In fact, cybersecurity investments are outpacing general IT spending. While cyberattacks on large companies make headlines, about 64% of all cyberattacks target small and mid-sized businesses with revenue less than $100 million.

Optimized Solutions provides the complete cycle of website security solutions, from assessments to prevention, to recovery.


Our cybersecurity assessments help uncover vulnerabilities in your setup. As part of our assessment process, we assess inherent cyberseurity risks, such as vulnerabilities in applications, connections, and technologies. We also provide assessment of cybersecurity attack preparedness , including setup for risk management, threat intelligence, cybersecurity controls, and cyberincident management.

Breach Prevention

From vulnerability identification that include web vulneratbility scans, malware detection, and blacklist monitoring to website attack prevention that includes web application firewall (WAF) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), we keep you safe from cyberattacks

Combat & Recovery

We virtually eliminate all false positives and automated systems and trained personnel simplify remediation in case of a cyberattack. Our remediation services include malware cleanup, blacklist removal, application vulnerability clean up, and a rescan clearance report so you are never in the dark about the outcome. Best of all, we also provide data breach limited warranty.


See how we apply innovative cybersecurity solutions customized for your organization


Detect Vulnerability
& Protect

❶ Early detection of website vulnerability
❷ Prevent web attacks & data breaches
❸ Customized reports and online portal to check performance
❹ Fast, simple setup with immediate protection


As a Service

❶ Pre-Breach support (vulnerability detection)
❷ Trained security experts fix and cleanup application vulnerability
❸ Cleanup malware & blacklist removal
❹ Rescan reports

SMB’s account for 64% of companies with a

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