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By automating transactional rule-based tasks, organizations have accelerated the process of hyperautomation to improve operational efficiencies, lower operational costs, and lower operational errors. Although RPA software tools follow straightforward logic, business processes that can be aut0mated range from relatively simple, rote processes to more complex proceses that require process mining, subject matter expertise, and coordination across business units.

Benefits of RPA

Accelerate Benefits from Digital Transformation
Increased Employee Satisfaction & Engagement
Improve Customer Experience
Reduce Compliance Cost and Risk

Optimized’s RPA solutions offer technical and functional expertise in robotic operating model (ROM) and tools to help you automate tasks in high-opportunity business units , including finance, sales, HR, purchase, and more. We help you assess your current processes and then design and implement automation solutions. Business areas we offer expertise in, include:


Robotic Process Automation in finance allows for quick processing of rule-based tasks, reduction of errors, and also ensures accuracy. A wide-range of financial processes can be automated, including:
• Process-to-Pay
• Order-to-Cash
• Record-to-Report

Supply Chain

The use of machine learning in automation of supply chains has allowed for efficient automation of not just rote tasks but more complex scenarios that can be defined by business rules, including:
• Inventory Management
• Demand & Supply Planning
• Invoice & Contract Management

IT Operations

Free up your IT staff from mundane and repeptive tasks that can be efficiently automated using RPA tools. Considering automating the following IT tasks:
• Server and App Monitoring
• Routine Maintenance and Monitoring
• Incident Management
• Test Automation

Human Resources

Robotic Process Automation can bring tremendous advantages to Human Resources teams. HR tasks that can benefit from RPA incude rule-based repetitive tasks including:
• Payroll
• Onboarding & Off-boarding
• Benefits Administration
• Training & Development

Customer Service

Drive speed, convenience, and efficiency by automating customer service tasks with the help of RPA solutions, including:
• Address Change
• Password Reset
• Payments
• Scheduling Appointments
• Order Modifications


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RPA Projects


MIRO Process

Bank Reconciliation

Sending email follow-ups based on the pending dues

Extraction of data from PDF

Extraction of data from 5 different custom applications and upload the consolidated data to Tally (Legacy ERP)

Extraction of data from Apex application and send the consolidated data to Whatsapp


MHR Value update in SAP

Activities on Active directory like user creation, update & deletion

Search for profiles in online portals based on the given criteria


Creating PR to PO with the given details


Print order (Sale order) – (Media)

Sale order creation

Contracts creation – (Commodity)


What Can Software Robots Do?

Software robots can use the operating system applications much like humans. Here are some of the tasks that can be easily handed over to software robots. Please note that this list is not comprehensive.

Step 1

Launching and Using Applications

Opening emails and attachments

Logging into applications

Moving files and folders

Step 2

Integrating with enterprise tools

Connecting to system APIs

Reading and writing to databases

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Step 4

Augmenting your data

Scrape data from the web, including social media

Step 5

Data processing

Following logical rules such as “if/then” rules

Making calculations

Extracting data from documents

Inputting data to forms

Extracting and reformatting data into reports or dashboards

Merging data from multiple sources

Copying and pasting data


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